Veena's Diaries 02: Meet Our Founder 🌸

Who is Devon?

Devon, our founder, hails from the fashion capital of the world—London! With a love for bohemian and vintage clothing from the swinging 60s and groovy 70s, she was always on the hunt for unique pieces while thrifting around the city.

From London to the Netherlands

A few years ago, Devon packed her bags and traded the bustling streets of London for the picturesque canals of the Netherlands. She was ready for a new adventure and a fresh start.
The Birth of Veena
Two years ago, while traveling the world, Devon's idea for Veena was born. Instead of sticking to the touristy spots, she ventured off the beaten path and discovered vibrant local communities in the Middle East and India.

A Fusion of Worlds

Devon's love for clothing and her admiration for the incredible craftsmanship of local artisans along the Silk Road sparked a brilliant idea. She wanted Veena to be more than just another fast fashion brand importing from Europe or China. She wanted to bridge the gap between these two worlds and create something truly unique.

Veena: Where Fashion Meets Culture

And that's how Veena came to life! With Devon's passion for bohemian fashion and her desire to showcase the talents of artisans from around the world, Veena became a platform where fashion meets culture.
Devon's vision for Veena goes beyond just selling clothes. She wants to celebrate diversity, promote sustainable fashion, and empower local communities. Each piece in the Veena collection tells a story, blending the rich heritage of different cultures with contemporary style.
So, whether you're a free-spirited bohemian or a lover of all things vintage, Veena has something special just for you. Join us on this fashion journey and let Veena be your guide to a world of unique style and cultural appreciation!