Who are We?

We embody the spirit of bohemia, drawing inspiration from the iconic decades of the 60s and 70s. Our brand serves as a conduit connecting local artisans along the Silk Road with the western world, fostering meaningful opportunities for artisan families.

The seeds of Veena Vintage were planted as a teenager, thrift shopping in the markets of London and wanting to make an uplifting change in the modern fashion industry. It soon flourished into discovering and sourcing fabrics and garments whilst traveling to some of the most secluded bohemian destinations on the silk road.

What do We do?

At Veena we love the bohemian lifestyle.

All of our products are personally curated by our team. From our boho fabrics that are sourced by our partner families or print patterns we create with local artisans. We are consciously involved in every step of creating our product.

We are proud to be different

The fast fashion industry is infamously known for the amount of resources it wastes, and the millions of clothes ending up in landfills every day. If nothing changes, the industry's global emissions will likely double by the end of the decade.

Already, 85% of clothing thrown away ends up in landfills or gets burned. The fast fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of water globally, and responsible for 8-10% of all carbon emissions; more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Just in the last 15 years, the number of times a garment is worn in its lifetime has reduced dramatically; on average, a garment is only worn 7-10 times in its lifetime, that's a 35% reduction. These wonderful textiles are discarded in landfills and with this their lifespan.

At Veena, we aspire to decelerate the pace of the fast fashion industry. Our goal is for the pieces you wear from us to become timeless heirlooms, passed on to the next generation, all while supporting local artisan families.

Veena Vintage

Prinsestraat 118, 2513 CH Den Haag Netherlands

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